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Meet Dr. Lizette

Award-Winning Psychology Expert & Career Development Authority

Dr. Lizette is a tenured associate professor at Texas A&M University where she teaches career counseling, conducts research on career development, and mentors psychologists-in-training. 

She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Career Assessment and has published in Journal of Career Development, The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology, and The Handbook of Career Counseling for Women. 

She is a bilingual licensed psychologist and has helped dozens of women achieve their career & life goals. 

As a multi-passionate career woman, she helps other high-performing women have more career success without adding stress. She believes career women should not have to choose between living their calling and living their life.

Dr Lizette

Watch this 5-minute talk where Dr. Lizette shares how she reached her big career goals despite little support


Dr. Lizette is available to speak on issues related to career and success mindset

Career Confusion

Get It, Pivot, or Quit It  

This powerful talk shows women how to figure out what's next in their career and make the next major move with clarity and confidence. 

Work-Life Imbalance

How You Can Have Your 'Career' Cake and Eat It, Too

This empowering talk shows women how to have career success and decrease stress. Women will discover how to have a fulfilling career and life without sacfrificing their sanity.

Impostor Syndrome

How to Clear Your Blind Spots... Because They're Only Blind To You

This tranformational talk shows women how to tame their inner critic, so they can step up in their zone of brilliance with confidence.


Dr. Lizette offers private support for high-performing professional women

Career Clarity

Did you hit a plateau? Do you wish you could take your career to the next level but you're not sure what's possible? I can help you figure out what's next and make it happen, so you feel fulfilled and excited about your career again.

Get It, Pivot, or Quit It

Do you have a career goal and need help to go & get it? Perhaps you're ready for a change and want a plan to pivot. Or maybe you're fed up with corporate and are ready to quit it. I help you make your next major career move with clarity and confidence.

Work-Life Balance

Do you not have enough time for a life beyond work? Do you feel pulled in all directions and can barely keep up? I can help you find more balance in your career and life so you don't have to sacrifice either one.

Confidence & Assertiveness

Do you feel overlooked or unheard at work? Do you wish you had the courage to take the necessary risks that comes with advancing in your career? I can help you tame your inner critic and teach you how to ask for what you need at work--without being labeled a 'B'.

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